SAMSUNG notebook drive, problems with DVDs



Recently I came accross some AONE dual layer discs, they burnt and played back fine in my Pioneer DVD burner, however when I played the DVD in my laptop it struggled to read the disc. Now whenever I play a DVD in the laptop drive it skips. Transfering a a file from a DVD discs also seems to take a lot longer? Is it likely the AONE disc permanently damaged my notebook drive?


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Aone does not sound like quality media.
Perhaps the reading issues you had, caused Windows to switch the operation mode of your drive to PIO, which is extremely slow.

Please read and



many thanks for the quick reply and the advice, I’ll check it out. Hope this saves me from buying a new drive.


I followed the guide and finally managed to fix the problem.

Thank you so much!



You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

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