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Can someone explain why a CD-RW goes missing from configuration at random or when I’m trying to burn a cd?:rolleyes:

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… goes missing from configuration at random …

I’m sorry, maybe it’s my mistake but I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about! :confused:

ok Let me explain…

I have an Hp CD-RW burner and it is manufactured by Samsung(Model SW-208F~firmware FN03).

It will allow me to read cd’s pefectly but when i go to do the burn process, the burner just disappears and stops responding. The only way to get a response is a full reboot.

Im so confused as to what may cause this.


Buddy if its something this fatal (a cd burner that can’t burn) I suppose you can contact the tech support and get some information, refund or replacement if its still new.

Give 'em a call - you’re most likely to get an answer there from the people who know it well.

Hello fellow freaks once again, I tried the burner on another PC and it seems that the burner is A-OK. Now the quesion remains, Why does the drive disappear randomly on that PC? Could it be the ribbon cables or bios or…?

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help folks.

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Any ideas?

You got the master/slave settings correct?

Sometimes it’s just the installation process of the burner software that is messed up…try unistalling it and clean your registry after that and than reinstall it.
Some other times it’s the software itself that is specific for certain burners and wont recognise your hp (sometimes nero comes with specific drivers for specific burners)
Hope i’ve been helpful…