Samsung Mini-FAQ discussion thread


here is my first version of the Samsung Mini-FAQ (I didn’t call them just FAQ, as it is incomplete for sure):

Any suggestions and comments are welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks Michael. Looks like a good start to me. If i think of something to add i will post here. Hopefully this will help new members not posting so many questions.


thanks in advance for any useful input :slight_smile:

Yes, I am kind of lazy :bigsmile:

P.S.: You built a very nice rig :smiley:

Very nice minifaq! :clap: Maybe some info about LighScribe models should be added to the writer family section.
And i’m thinking about mentioning the DVD-R Lead-in issue, but currently there’s no general conlusion on the board about it’s presence, so maybe it is better not to put it into the faq to avoid confusion.

Thank you. I like it very much :slight_smile:

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Perhaps you should mention the DVD-R lead-in problem. That thread seems to pop up a lot.


I thought about that, but at the moment, I share the opinion [B]molnart [/B]expressed.
And there should be some stuff left for the next version :wink:


True enough. Churn tends to keep the longer threads near the top anyway. Nice guide.

Here is a easy “work-around” for bitsetting the +R book-type to “DVD-ROM” that you might want to mention in the next revision of the Mini-FAQ.

While Nero will properly set the book-type on each +R/+RW disk it burns, other software like “DVDfab” do not.

The way around the problem, is to run the latest version ( of Nero’s CD-DVD Speed at the same time as your burning software. After you have inserted your blank disk, just before you start your burn, click over to CD-DVD Speed and use the book-setting menu found under EXTRA/BITSETTING to set the blank disk to “DVD-ROM”. (You will get a “successful” confirmation message.) Then just switch back to your burning software and hit the “Burn” or “OK” button to start the burning process.

This does not make a permanent change to the drive’s firmware, so you must do this routine on every blank disk you burn.

After the burn you can reload the disk and check out its new book-type in CD-DVD Speed under the “Disk Info” tab.

CD-DVD Speed comes as part of the Nero software package, and the latest version can be downloaded for free at:

Maybe the new 20x drives could be mentioned in the FAQ too…

Done :smiley: