Samsung media - what are these? :)

Curious as to what these are if anyone has tried them in terms of media ID and such.

Are they Yuden000 T02’s? I know the 4x DVD+R Samsungs from are Yuden000T01 and they are the real deal since I had 2 I used from a sampler pack and they burned marveously… if these have a good media ID that’s not a bad price or a bad way to get 100 of the TY’s if in fact that is what they are. :wink: Thanks for any advice you folks can give.

They can be either YUDEN000T02 or OPTODISCOR8.
Samsung seems to be using a lot of Optodisc in its’ media spindles.
You could call newegg and ask what their current stock is.

Mine are OPTODISCOR8. They burn at 12x in my NEC 3500 with reasonable quality and 8x in my Philips 1640 with similar quality.

I don’t think I would bother buying them again.

Ahhh, thanks guys. I was going to say that if they are TY that’s not a bad price but you can certainly get OptodiscOR8’s cheaper on one of the other sites so no point in picking them up with a “brand” name. Think my next media purchase is going to be 100 of those Samsung 4x DVD+R’s for Rima that seem to be TY media pretty continually. :wink: