Samsung may cut TV lcd production 80%

In a stagnant market for televisions and computer monitors, Samsung is reported to be cutting production of flat panels for those items by up to 80% this year. Some production will be shifted to notebooks and tablets, where Samsung is still making profits.

Story at Reuters:

Interesting. :iagree:

I wonder will there be any bargains on the way?


I think the OLED versions are just about to finally hit for somewhat reasonable cost so maybe they are just ramping down the old tech to start doing the new one. We’ll have to wait and see but pretty sure I read that LG was about to release some OLED or otherwise screen that is much improved for hopefully reasonable costs, we’ll see.
If that does happen nobody is going to want LCD sets anyways if the newest ones look way better for similar prices.

Looking at Australian pricing for the 2011 range they shot in their feet twice especially compared to reasonable US pricing.