Samsung Magician will not detect Samsung SSD

Hey I cannot get magic tune to recognize my SSD.
Attached is a picture of my Samsung magic tune with my hard-drive with a round red thing and no green check that should enable detection.
I am in AHCI mode

Which motherboard are you using?
And do you know which chipset the board has, and also which SATA drivers you are using?

I’m assuming that you have already initialised the SSD and created an MBR partition on it?

Its a crosshair v forumala and the only way I could get it to recognize the software was to flip it to IDE mode and then Samsung Magician detected the Drive with a green checkmark.

Asmedia 106x Sata Controler

I am able to set 2 ports to ide mode and one of them is the SSD
the boots are AHCI.

Thanks for the info.
You may need to move the SSD to the native AMD SATA3 controller to allow the drive to work properly with the Magician software in AHCI mode.

You should also see a boost in performance by using the native AMD SATA3 ports as well. As the native AMD SATA3 ports are faster and have lower latency than the Asmedia SATA3 ports.

I did try with ports 1 to 4… are those not the AMD one? 5 and 6 asmedia?

it was in AHCI mode on port 1-4 with SSD during the time when magician didnt work for me.
it may be an XP driver issue.

Never encountered such an issue. Can not help …