Samsung Magician Software V 7.1.1 Released

Hmmm… the website says 7.0.1 is the latest release with a link to it except I’m running 7.1.0 already and the application, itself, is telling me that an update to 7.1.1 is available… was released 2021-12-09 was released 2022-03-16 was released 2022-05-04

Update from within the app and it’ll download the 7.1.1 installer.

And you can take a prize from the top shelf, you are correct and I was wrong. LOL, I got an e-mail to update my Samsung Magician today and I downloaded and in stalled it and I saw that number ( I put the decimal point in wrong place (typo) but I never looked at the installer. Thanks DLAD.

Not a big deal. :slightly_smiling_face: Just made me do a double-take since I knew I was running a newer version. I saw the post and figured you transposed digits but then looking at Samsung’s website actually showed they are still pointing to the old download from 2021.

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Btw, here’s a download link to v7.1.1.820:

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