Samsung Magician 6.2.0

I recently updated Samsung Magician to version 6.2.0 and I noticed that RAPID mode can no longer be enabled. I remember that this used to work in previous versions. Has anyone else noticed this?

Hmmm I just looked at my own Samsung Magician and it says “You have the latest version of Magician. Currently installed version : 5.3.1”

FWIW I see the RAPID switch and it is Off the the Samsung mSATA drive that I have installed.

As an aside it says my Drive Condition is Good and also that Total Bytes Written is 4.9 TB which astonishes me. I have to look when I bought this and installed it but that seems very high for the way I use it!!!

Rapid mode is not available on NVMe SSD’s. A SATA SSD is required, but only models 840 and later support it, and it could be dependent on the SATA controller its connected to, and the mode the SATA controller uses to communicate with the SSD… I can enable it on my 850 Pro, but don’t use the feature.

Windows is forever writing to the system drive, and 4.9TB is reasonable. Mines is 17.4TB and only 10 months old. It should be nothing to worry about, as the 500GB EVO models are rated for 300TB. The Pro versions and larger capacity drives will be rated a lot higher.

I am using a 840 Pro and as I already wrote it was working previously.

Which SATA controller is it connected too?
What mode. IDE or AHCI?
I think it requires AHCI mode.
Which SATA drivers?

Intel 9 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller

I’m on Win 10 with RST drivers version 17.4.
All I can say is it works here if I wanted the feature.


NVMe (not available)

According to this document from Samsung. It should be working on your system.

Thanks for that Dee, it inspired me to check system compatibility, and it does work with my mSATA. Not sure why the older app did not indicate it needed updating, and indeed the new one wants to update my firmware as well!

Do you have SamsungRapidSvc.exe in C:\Windows\System32\RAPID on your system?

Only if I enable RAPID mode. If I disable RAPID mode again the file is removed after a restart.

I think I will stop using Samsung Magician for a while, because I suspect that it might be related with the other problems I had recently.

RAPID is a filter driver, so there is always at least potential for it to cause issues with other devices. I don’t use RAPID as I prefer data to be written to the drive at the earliest opportunity rather than have that data in cache.
I still use Magician for other things, but on my terms. It’s not allowed to start with Windows, and I use run it when I need it.

6.2.0 here, and it works fine for me.

I can’t say what the problem was, but after a fresh Windows 7 64-bit installation RAPID mode can be enabled.

6.3.0 is the current version.