'Samsung lowers production to maintain or drive up NAND and DRAM prices'

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/samsung-lowers-production-to-maintain-or-drive-up-nand-and-dram-prices-85143/

Samsung plans to limit its NAND and DRAM production next year. The Korean electronics giant would do this, to keep supply tight due to expected lower demand, according to anonymous sources of Bloomberg. The company might also lower production to maintain or drive up NAND and DRAM chips, according to the same sources of Bloomberg.

That’s the oldest game in town… Screw over everyone else to make your own hyper profit… yah that will go well in the end.

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That’s pretty shady.

prices of SSD’s need to decline as 1TB SSD’s should be around $100 or so as when that happens, SSD’s for regular use/data storage will become more common instead of right now one is pretty much using a SSD for a limited amount of things that they need to load fast and a regular hard drive for larger files etc.

still, I am not a fan of trusting SSD’s for storing anything too important as while I am confident in SSD’s generally outlasting hard drives, they seem to be more flaky with data in general to where it seems when a hard drive dies it gives warning first before things are totally shot where as it seems with a SSD, everything is great until it’s not and then your screwed.