Samsung LiveUpdate Problem

Has anyone experienced a “seize-up” with this software? I’ve been using it for years with no problems until yesterday and it wouldn’t open. Usually I’d click the program in my Start menu and the icon would appear in the taskbar. From there it was always easy enough to check the firmware, unless Samsung’s servers were down of course.
I’ve tried uninstalling, reinstalling using the latest version and it just will not do anything. There’s a liveupdate entry in task manager which wont “end task” but no disc activity, yet during this time I can’t reboot the computer so it would appear that something is blocking it. Had to do a hard reboot.
The only thing new in the last few days is an Ativa U3 2gb flash drive w/McAfee USB virus protection.
At the moment LU is uninstalled, pending any suggestions that might explain the bizarre behaviour.

Found the culprit. If my Ativa U3 flash drive is removed, it works normally. Weird.

I think U3 needs some work. Glad you found the problem and it might help someone at a later day.

Thanks. Strange, the minute I yanked out the U3 LU icon appeared in the taskbar. It was like it was eating it alive LOL.