Samsung LE27S7 LCD - Wierd Marks on Panel

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung 27" HD Ready LCD TV. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I’ve started to notice strange marks appearing within the last two months on my two year old Samsung LCD TV (LE27S7). The marks are only noticable when the image is largely the same colour. Greens, greys and beige colours show the marks up badly, but blacks, whites and bright colours show perfectly.

I’ve attached a couple of pics so that you can have a look, about a third of the panel looks ok from the left. I’d love to know what it could be, i haven’t seen anything like this before.

FYI the marks appear on all inputs inc: HDMI, Scart, AV, S-Video.

It’s called panel delaminationl Unfortunately the only cure I’m aware of is panel replacement. Check your warranty provisions…most Samsungs have a one-year panel warranty but I think a few had two years.

wow, I did not know screens are made that cheapish!

My 40" Samsung will be two years old next month. I just noticed the exact same problem within the last month or so. I called a qualified Samsung repairman and he said it was panel delamination, common on sets made in 2007. A new panel is the only fix and for my particular model, it’s $918.00, installed.

Samsung’s warranty for my TV is one year parts and labor, including panel. The warranty states in-home service will be provided for LCD TV’s 32" and larger and that a defective product will be repaired or replaced at no charge to the purchaser.

Luckily, I paid for this TV with a VISA card that includes extended warranty of one year on all electronic products. I called last week and filed a claim and now just waiting for the adjuster to contact me.

The TV was only $1250 two years ago and, as stated above, a new panel with installation charges is $918. They’ll probably replace the panel (even though the repairman advised me the problem will likely return).

I strongly recommend anyone purchasing an LCD TV to think about getting the extended warranty or purchasing it on a credit card that has enhanced rewards.