It’s a plasma! It’s an LCD! No, it’s OLED! If you follow the TV industry, then you’ve undoubtedly heard writers like me discuss the Superman-like potential of OLED. For several years now, we’ve enticed you with promises of a display technology that can deliver the best of what plasma and LCD have to offer, all in an incredibly thin, light, energy-efficient package. After many fits and starts, after many a promised release date came and went without a TV arriving on store shelves, it began to look like large-screen OLED televisions may not see the light of day. Then, last summer, LG and Samsung pleasantly surprised us all by introducing 55-inch OLED TVs that you can actually purchase and take home. Alas, I had to miss Samsung’s press event at which several video reviewers were given the chance to spend a little time with the KN55S9C so, when the company recently asked me if I wanted to get an OLED sample sent to me for review, the answer was an enthusiastic yes.