Samsung introduces new slot-loading, slim, portable DVD writer

We’ve just posted the following news: Samsung introduces new slot-loading, slim, portable DVD writer[newsimage][/newsimage]
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I’m surprised there are no comments here since this article is four days old (as of 11/25). Where, oh where are my little cd freaks? Where, oh where could they be?

I, for one, wouldn’t mind having one of these. I’m sure it probably wouldn’t make a reliable writer, but for DVD’s on-the-go, it would be quite convenient. I’d buy one myself, but my sister “needs” to borrow even more money from me. As if the few hundred dollars she owes me isn’t enough! :smiley:

Samsung used to make fantastic full-sized dvd writers.
Don’t know what happened to them, haven’t heard much good of late.
Perhaps someone will be a guinea-pig and let us know how this one does.

It’s neat, but it’s about 2x the going rate for a USB portable DVD writer.