Samsung introduces MediaLive, networked media player



I just posted the article Samsung introduces MediaLive, networked media player.

Samsung introduces the MediaLive adaptor, a device that can be used to deliver digital content (including HD content) in real-time from Windows Media Center on a PC running Windows Vista Home Premium…

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Seems like another solid device from Samsung. With more people beginning to drop the cash required for HDTVs, it’s nice to have some easy ways to transfer content – photos, movies, music, etc. – directly to the TV.

The device is expected to retail at $200.

What I don’t like is how all of these new devices seem to use Windows Media Center for everything! I’m not one of those entirely anti-Vista people, but … blah.


The biggest problem to overcome is people don’t want to use their PC’s any longer and go to a solution between storage and media player without the PC linked in between of the need to run software (SMB and NFS solutions). Extenders only “extend” what you already can do without it…

Just my 2 cents.
I expect a lot in 2009 on this subject where media players will be fitted with mature interfaces (much like XBMC and PC Software) and DLNA takes quite a few steps ahead in the good direction (if we are to believe Billy Harrision from Promise who is deeply involved in DLNA devices).

Looks like a great device and not expensive but what does it do except extend the obvious… It needs abilities on it’s own (internal hard drive, network protocol support to grab data) instead of depend on the PC… If you want to go the PC router, go DivX Connected… far superior than extenders…