Samsung introduces its new 40x writer, the SW-240B

I just posted the article Samsung introduces its new 40x writer, the SW-240B.

While surfing the internet I saw that has posted some news on Samsung’s latest 40/12/40 drive, the SW-240B:

Key features:

Writing(CD-R) 40X, Rewriting(CD-RW) 10X,…

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This new drive looks sweet… Does the Eject button light up? Indeed it looks nice but how does it perform against the Lite-On and Plextor drives?

I have the 24/10/40 model at work and it’s over-rated. The button doesn’t light up and doesn’t do SD2 without a betablocker. I’m assuming that the 40/12/40 is just a higher speed.

I just have one quesiton. Even on samsungs web site it states it is a 401040 CD-RW drive It then says it supports 12* re-write. Does anybody else see my problem??? Which is it???

Well on the picture of the drive you can see 40/12/40… But I agree that it says 10x under the list of key features. I think that’s a typo since below that it again says

Supports 12X speed CD-RW