Samsung hires brain behind iPod for new player

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 Samsung  has hired a Mr. Paul  Mercer,    who is a long time  Apple Macintosh software designer, to help them with their latest MP3  player, the Z5. Mr. Mercer used to head a company that...
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Looks very nice. But I never really understand these devices. Why pay $200 or more for a player that only holds up to 4GB, when you can pay double the amount, and get a 60GB Player. I understand that these players are high in price because of the flash memory in them, but I won’t even consider a 4GB player until it reaches a price of like $50-$100. I would rather look at it as, if I have $250 to spend, why not spend another $150 and get a player that holds 15x the capacity of this player.

nice but as said too exspensive

Simple - size and weight. I have an 40Gb iRiver which I now never use since I bought a 2Gb iAudio U2. The reason is the U2 is so small and light I can’t even feel I’m carrying it. It can go anywhere with me, meaning I don’t even need to make a decision to take an MP3 player with me - I take it practically everywhere. You can’t say that about any decent-sized hard drive player. As for the Samsung, shame there’s no 6 or 8Gb model otherwise I might be interested. If there’s one company to outdo Apple’s strangehold on flash memory, it’s Samsung.