Samsung high density 2TB HDD has 667GB per platter



Samsung high density 2TB HDD has 667GB per platter.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Samsung has officially introduced the EcoGreen F4EG hard drive with storage capacities up to 2TB. This isn't a breakthrough maximum storage capacity, but this HDD impressively  uses just 3 platters, making it the highest density HDD available for desktops.

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1500GB / 667 = 2.25 …
Interesting 667GB platters on the 1.5TB model.

Awsome about lower energy consumption :smiley:

However, the seagate drive has better power specs (apart from startup).


Interesting but I’ll never buy anything with the name Samsung on it ever again not after they
refused to even talk about replacing a 2.5" Laptop hdd that was still under warranty just for
the reason they claimed it was bought on line as an OEM product. :a :confused:

I have heard others say they had the same experience when trying to get an OEM drive that
was bought on line replaced while still under warranty. That is no way for a company to do
business IMO :disagree: so if you buy one you better hope it takes out before the 30 return period
most on line e-tailer’s give you or better buy a retail boxed Samsung hdd if you can find one.


Argue the point with the e-saler :iagree:
They will handle the RMA.


[QUOTE=debro;2536069]Argue the point with the e-saler :iagree:
They will handle the RMA.[/QUOTE]

I would but it has been over a year and a half since the drive was bought
and it was supposed to have a 3 year warranty on it. If it wasn’t so much
trouble and cost so much I would contact an attorney and see if I could do
something about it.

I thought about doing that but decided it was just cheaper to just chalk it
up to experience and buy another drive from WD and tell the whole world
all about my bad experience with them…
well that is anyone that will listen to me anyway. :iagree:


Interesting, but will that pave the way for $59 - $79 2tb hard drives?
(54,59k rpm vs 72krpm respective). I missed out on the last pricing war & I now have an even lesser budget due to my laptop dying… so I have to wait until late October comes & the greedy back-to-school sales (price hikes in disguise) meet some REAL DEALS.