Samsung help please



I had win 7, installed SSD and then upgraded to win 10, I thought I would add account but it ask for a password first to the account I was using, re-booted and it didn’t like /accept the PW.

So am I stuck and have start all over on the SSD or what?

Because right now I’m back on the old sata hd in win 7.



First of all, the general advice apply, make a backup in case you need a second shot at it :slight_smile:

I don’t think they changed SAM security in Windows 10 and so maybe Hiren’s BootCD

You can boot the mini WindowsXP included and reset your password by starting the HBCD meny and select reset from somewhere in the menu. Please remember that your default path for SAM is C:\Windows\System32\Config folder and C: will not be your SSD in mini WinXP :slight_smile:


I booted to mini XP, ran clearkey or something lke that but no change.

Is there some program there that will chg/reset/remove the win 10 password?


Hmmm… I think maybe I shared thoughts more than giving directions here :o
You selected the wrong program and so I thought I could do a small tutorial, but a search came up with a result that made it unnecessary:


Hope it helps :flower:


Thanks, that’s to the point, I’ll try same and get back.


I chickened out when I had to select which drive.

What do you say to my up-plugging the old sata HD and just boot with Hiren cd and only the SSD drive? Maybe the choice will be easier.


Well, the drive has a size that may assist you in choosing the right one unless two has exacly the same size and is of the same make?

If the SSD is in the computer/laptop and if its the only drive there when you boot off the CD or USB, there really should not be no trouble finding the correct one based on its size. From there on it is just a question of drilling down to the Windows\System32\Config folder and select SAM :flower:


Thanks again, got it.


I tried post#4 and chg the pw for the bottom (wierd name) account that was in list and chg the pw in admin acc… didn’t work.

I’m back on the old SATA drive with win 7.

Ideas please ??


I am not sure I understand what you mean by the bottom weird name, but if you can not at all see your known user account, I would think that something went wrong during the upgrade and trashed your user account.

While there are ways to create a new user account, there is really no way to predict what else went wrong during the upgrade (I would expect there’s more) and so I would not recommend doing it. Rather I would try the upgrade by copying the Windows 7 installation once more and start over.

Usually, Anti- Virus/Malware/Exploit programs are the culprit if active during an upgrade (unless you use Windows Defender) and so the general advice is to uninstall 3rd-party AV/security solutions before doing the upgrade and reinstall them once the upgrade is finished.

Windows 10 is still free for people who use assistive technologies and while that seems a long shot, you use these as well as it includes keyboard shortcuts. In other words, if you have ever pressed [F1] to bring up help, [Ctrl]+[C] to copy text or any other keyboard shortcut, you are entitled to the upgrade.

You can get it from here: - Don’t forget to copy the Windows 7 installation prior to starting over :slight_smile:

Edit: And of course copy any unique data residing on the SSD first if any to avoid loosing it (typically residing in {Drive}:\Users{useraccount}).


Thanks again Xercus;
I would like to format the SSD, what is the preferred method?


A simple quick format should do the trick. A full format of an SSD is not recommended (for a SSD, secure disk wipe for security reasons would be the only reason to do more than a quick format).


Of course… I notice I just answer your question while not putting my knowledge to work by answering what you do not ask :flower:

Since you have tried to upgrade windows on that SSD, it will typically have two or even three separate partitions and not only one as you may expect.

To delete the extra partitions and create a single partition, you can download any one of the following free partition tools unless you already got one.

  1. AOMEI Partition Assistant
  2. MiniTool Partition Wizard
  3. EaseUS Partition Master
  4. Active@ Partition Manager

They are all pretty straight forward to use, and I’ve prioritized them according to my preference (which may or may not fit you). Microsoft’s [B]diskmgmt.msc[/B] which comes with windows is a little too restricted and probably won’t let you delete the hidden system reserved partition on the SSD.

If you need a backup program as well, Macrium Reflect Free is a very good free backup program for personal use. Another one is AOMEI Backupper.


Xercus, you have been more than excellent in my learning curve.

If you have any idea of something useful on the Hiren’s ver 15.2 to format or delete partitions please let me know.

As it stands, my win 7 doesn’t see/recognize the SSD but if I boot to the Hirens CD and use the XP mini, xp see it no problem.


I would initially think that Aomei Partition Assistant would let you see your SSD regardless of the fact that Windows Explorer can’t, but to answer your question:

Yes there is. You will find version 7.6.1 of MiniTool Partition Wizard using the HBCD menu here;
[B]Programs[/B] -> [B]Partition / Boot / MBR[/B] -> [B]Partition Wizard Home Edition[/B]

Here is a screenshot:

I have left the cursor to show you the System reserved partition. you can right-click on any partition and choose ‘Delete’ from the context menu shown below… Or you can right-click the disk at the far left (where it shows ‘Basic 447.13GB’ in the screenshot) and choose ‘Delete All Partitions’ from the much smaller context menu shown there.

once you are done, press the ‘Apply’ toolbar button at top left.
To extend just one partition you would like to keep, right-click the partition and choose ‘Extend’ from the context menu. If you have deleted all partitions, right-click on the now unallocated space on the SSD and choose ‘Create’ from the context menu. Once your done, click ‘Apply’ once more.

Please keep in mind that some hard disk copying programs require that the SSD is in an unallocated state (without partitions) or they will throw an error about not enough space or even not let you select the SSD as a possible destination.


Issue resolved !!
Thanks to Zercus for staying with me and the professional help.

Thank You


You are ever so welcome, glad I could be of assistance to you :iagree: