Samsung HD931 HD DVD player upconverts your DVD movies

I just posted the article Samsung HD931 HD DVD player upconverts your DVD movies.

   Have you  got bought your HDTV yet, does it have a Digital Visual Interface-aka DVI? If so, this  review may be of interest. Everyone is at least thinking high definition now, ...
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I just picked up a nice 480p progressive player as I have a HDTV and want to use my DVI input for a true HD source not for upconverting a 480i source. besides once you buy a 1080i input source and you use the DVI for that, you will need to junk the Samsung DVD player as it is crap if you do not use the DVI out.

This Story or Player is Old News.This thing been out for more than a Year.So long i almost forgot about it.On the Site some guy reviews it and say the “Copy-protected” interface is a problem.:frowning:

The copy protected interface is not a problem if you are using a compliant TV with HDCP DVI inputs, and is REQUIRED to work with TVs that do have HDCP DVI. I have both the HD931 and a Panasonic HDTV with HDCP DVI inputs and I couldn’t be more pleased. It looks as good as a plain old dvd can get. My only “complaint” is that the Faroudja chip is capable of running HD content in DiVX and WM9, but the player supports neither. Players due out in the next 6 months using the same chipset will support these fomats fully, but that’s the price you pay to be an early adopter.