Samsung have updated firmwares

If you happen to have a Samsung CD/DVD-Rom or a samsung CD-writer, then go here and check if there is new firmware avalible for your drive

Pity they at Samsung and LG still use some Korean in their English pages. The four letters in “??? R400.bin ( 1,048,576 byte ) Sfdnwin.exe ( 601,600 byte )” means attached file.

There are three updated files on the Samsung ODD firmware download page.

SM-316B/EXP T306 Global
SN-324B/EXP U100 Global
SW-240B/COM R501 Global

Yeah, what’s up with the domain “samsung-odd”? Isn’t that an odd name for a domain? :bigsmile:

My Samsung ODD LiveUpdate program doesn’t work with either TS-H552B or TS-H542A in the current configuration. Maybe I have to disable most other ODD drives connected to this PC. I tried to send an email to Samsung Electronics but the email on their part doesn’t work right now.

I think that the LiveUpdate program just isn’t ready for those drives yet. Your drive is a retail Samsung model?

is it possible to upgrade and downgrade between TSxx firmwares for TS-H292A cd burner?? the drive is with TS00 firmware presently and think to upgrade it to TS04 with sfdnwin but if I won’t be satisfied with it, I want to try TS03, 02 or 01 firmwares. is it still safe to flash the drive with sfdnwin or should I use MTK Flash tool??