Samsung hard drive

i have a HP Pavilion a6337c and at frist it was runing slow
now it wont start up i did the PC Doctor scan and everything passed
but the hard drive surface scan failed does this mean that i need a new hard drive
i dont think its running but i do here a clicking sound here and there

Welcome to CD Freaks. :slight_smile:

It sounds like you may well have a bad hard drive that needs to be replaced.

When you say the computer won’t start up, are any error messages shown, and it just doesn’t do anything after showing that error message? If so, what error message is it?

For the hard drive surface scan, are you referring to the one found in the HP BIOS? If so, did it come up with a specific error code, or just tell you that it failed?

And for the final question, does the drive still show up in the BIOS? If so, which Samsung model is it? [In case there was a known problem with that model or something].