Samsung h352a reads at x4-x6 instead of x16

i bought my samsung dvd reader yesterday, the firmware is ts4,
when i use nero cd/DVd speed, the green line goes from x2.4 to x6,

the dvd reader is supposed to be x16… what’s the problem ?
even my nec3520a reads a x16…
bad firmware flashing ?

(btw where can i have the firmware for this drive?)

Make sure the drive is running in DMA mode in Device Manager. Remove the affected IDE channel and reboot. Windows will reload the driver. Confirm that the Samsung drive is now running in DMA mode.

i’v got my nec3520a (master) and the samsung h352a (slave) on the secondary ide Channel, and both of them are in ultra dma mode 2 (i used the device manager).

When a dvd is inserted in the samsung, nero drive speed tells me:
read speed (combo box)=maximum , Current : x0, and there is no choice in the combo… Spin down time = 4min… Seems something is screwed, i think i’ll try to reflash the firmware (maybe with the rpc1). But for that i’ll need to install a floppy disk.

(i used the official (?i hope ?) samsung LiveUpdate10_Eng_Install.exe, which searched for an update on the net before)