“Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone to get as much RAM as an average laptop”



We’ve just posted the following news: “Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone to get as much RAM as an average laptop”[newsimage]http://static.myce.com//images_posts/2011/08/SamsungLogo.jpg[/newsimage]

Based on a press-release of Samsung it’s likely that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will contain 4 GB RAM memory.

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[QUOTE=DoMiN8ToR;2743925]We’ve just posted the following news: “Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone to get as much RAM as an average laptop”[/QUOTE]

It would be great if the battery capacity would be cranked up accordingly then…:bigsmile:


And to everyone who just signed a two contract for their iPhone 6, Merry Christmas;):bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:


Geez, I got a S3, actually most of my family did when we upgraded our family plan and also got the free or discounted phone upgrade thing, I really like it and was thinking about a S4 or 5 and now this.
Mine will last about 2 days if I just mostly let it sit there sleeping, my old Tablet would last almost a week and my feature phone would last a week or more.
Would be nice to get all the cool features and much improved battery life again.


how nice, still waiting for the price of 8gb single stick ddr3 ram to come down in price… pc ram makers have had high prices and a stable market for far too long. the 8gb desity should be in the dirt cheap… not over $100 each!! the lousy prices of dram in probably a factor in PC’s not having good volume… due to greedy dram makers. this will only perpetuate the decline of the PC for thin client media boxes. even CPU chips have seen some price flexiblity lately… but PC dram seems very price inflexible… no matter what time of year… is this the new “OIL” of the PC industry? why can dram chip prices plumment in every computing device, except PC’s? somebody should investigate!!


when i started buying and building pc’s back when a 286 was a smokin hot machine and 8088 xt’s were still common and I had one 25 bucks a meg used was a smokin price.
I upgraded to a 286 Tandy pos and my friend and I were all excited because we found used 1 meg sticks for 25 each and had 4 whole meg on our boxes.
It made Wing Commander have extra goodies and helped Doom a lot too.
I agree the prices are too high but compared to when I started things are still dirt cheap.:bigsmile:


Has anybody seriously looked at the size of this and other new “smartphones”? Watching the kids at the local Tech College and High School on the rare occasions that they actually talk on their phones brings back memories of the eighties. He who had the biggest boombox hoisted on the shoulder was the coolest kid. Can’t wait to see the iTwitts hoist their iPads and Macbooks.


In all honesty, the 4GB sported by most baseline model “ultrabooks” andc type tablets is woefully inadequate.
8GBÂ is so 2012, 12GB is so 2013, and 16GB is the current standard for a new PC.

Android/iOS based tablets might be given some minor leeway as they are still toys, but Microsoft’s x86 based tablets are just sad with 4GB of RAM.


Well, now that’s a big …lol… I can’t understand what they are trying to do by that ?? I think by putting a RAM as large as 4GB they are trying to make sure that they update for more time… I major problem with samsung devices is the lack of updates and every time when users ask that are we going to get the latest upcoming updates they say because of the RAM… blah…blah… we can’t seed you the updates ! And with this much RAM I think that samsung will at par the problem of updating at least for a while ! :smiley: