Samsung for scanning DVDs?

Hello, 2 questions about Samsung

  1. Some guys said it´s a very reliable scanner, other ppl say that it have big differences from one to another Samsung?

  2. What´s the difference between 182D and 182M?

Thank u

Samsung and Liteon with same chipset family have very similar scans.

In comparison SH-W162C and 165P6S use MT1888E ( if I’m not wrong :bigsmile: ) and scans at 8x CAV with very similar results. ( very bad that SH-W162C doesnt scan at 4x CLV )

In other side TS-H552U scans at 4x (CLV) and 8x (CAV) and the results are some diferent from the other drives.

Conclusion: in the case of my drives TS-H552U and SH-W162C are reliable scanners but isnt proper compare results from both.

The answer to question number 2 is that the 182M has Lightscribe and the 182D does not. Same drive in every other way.

Ok, thanks for all the anwers :slight_smile: