Samsung External DVD Burner does not read all CD/DVD

I have a Samsung DVD Burner: SE-W164L with TS03 firmware.
In Windows XP,
It was working fine 2 days ago, but now, everytime i put blank DVD, blank CD, regular DVD movie, or pictures in a CD it does not read. Windows XP recognizes the “Device”, but not the CD/DVD inside. When I add CD/DVD in the burner, and open a writing software, the software prompts me that inside the tray it is empty and ask me to insert new discs. I reinstalled the driver, but same result.

First I thought it was Windows XP problem, but i tried it on my mac, and same result.

My Mac recognizes the device, but not the CD/DVD inside. It reads that the burner is empty.

Please Help ME!!!

Hi and Welcome!

if the drive is not properly recognised, and you have verified this with two different computers, then there is something wrong with the drive hardware itself.

Check USB and PSU cables if they are properly seated and undamaged. If possible, try another USB cable.

I am not sure, if you can open the enclosure in order to check if all internal connections are properly seated, haven’t had an external Samsung in my hands.


Dear Michael,

Thank you for your reply!
I tried switching the usb cable, but it does not work.
I will try check the psu cable next.
The problem is that the samsung dvd drive is quite difficult to break apart.
After I successfully break it apart, i will tell you the result.