Samsung Electronics to Release Duo Hd Player (Press Release)



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Samsung Electronics Co., LTD. will introduce a dual format High-Definition (HD) optical disc player in time for the holidays.Samsung’s Duo HD player (BD-UP5000) will fully support both HD-DVD…

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I remember when LG introduced their dual HD player at CES there were many naysayers who said it would add even more consumer confusion. Yeah, right. It seems that for the forseeable future, BOTH Blu-ray and HD-DVD will be viable HD formats. LG and now Samsung offer ideal solutions. Now just wait for other manufacturers to make their entries…except for Sony, of course :wink: …and the pricing to get really competitive. Gotta love it!
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I’m still holding out hope that this will be held off long enough for Blu-Ray to grow enough to force a single HiDef format, instead of a perminant format war like some companies seem to think is ok.


I have no problem at all with there not being a winner in the format war as long as all the manufacturers get onboard with the dual-format players like Samsung and to a lesser extent LG. This Samsung seems to be the first true dual-format player in that it supports all the extras of both formats, with a player like this who cares about the winner? And if all players going forward, or until something better comes along, are dual-format then movie companies can feel free to release films on whatever format they choose and it’ll have no affect on the consumer at all. This is as close to a solution as we’re likely to get unless Sony and Toshiba can work something out, but don’t count on it.


Toshiba and Sony would only have to work out a deal if HD DVD can start selling more HD DVDs…


@ Dolphinius_Rex I’m with you. Even though I’m rooting for HD DVD I’d rather see Blu-ray win than have two formats.