Samsung DVDreader/writer SH-202N not working after i accidentally put files into it

Hi, my samsung SH-202N DVDplayer/writer is currently not reading discs right now. And i have tried troubleshooting from removing the upperfilters and lowerfilters to practically unplugging and plugging the internal device from my computer.

I dont remember it having this label DVD-RAM not until i accidentally sent files to the drive. Im thinking it might be an XP bug and i can’t seem to undo it.

Btw, Im obviously a noob and i dont have any idea how to upgrade my driver. I dont know how the firmware works. Can anybody please give me a link to a step by step driver upgrade or tell me what really is wrong with my player/writer? Thank you so much!

Hi and Welcome!

please try a bootable disc (like Ultimate Boot CD, a Linux Live System etc.) to boot your computer from that drive. If that fails, then the drive is bad.
Alternatively, you can try the drive in another computer (if there is such an opportunity for you).


It has a dvd-ram label because it is one. How did you try to put files on the dvd disc?