Samsung DVDreader h352a black oem Big Problem, never buy this drive

i bought a week ago a samsung dvd reader h352a black oem,
according to nero cd/dvd drive speed and dvdinfopro,
with firmware TS03 and TS04 and TS04 rpc1,
in ultra dma mode 2,

this drive reads at at most x6 (begin to x2.6 and go to x6)
It is sold as being a x16 dvd reader…

I thought there was a problem, changed it for another same drive,
same problem,
on 3 different computer, XP sp2 (one freshly reinstalled)
without Aspi, with aspi 4.6, with aspi 4.72a.

don’t know what else to try.
Just that my nec 3520a reads effectively a x16 the same dvd.

This drive is a lie… Never buy it… i’ll have to go back once more to the shop to change it (and i’ll never buy a samsung thing for the rest of my life duh)

Unless there is a unknown way (i’d like some help - fed up with going to the shop) to make this thing work.

Thank you,

Cavet Emptor…try before you buy…I got one just to rip with…no problems here. I have seen worse than Samsung drivers. But it is cool …just live and learn!!!

-i’m in France, i can’t try before buying dvd reader, lucky if you can
(i imagine : hello, i’d like to buy that, could you plug it in, launch nero DVD drive speed, and check that for 5 min please ?)

What i would like is :
<== owner of this drive, could you ==>
at least launch Nero CD-DVD Speed, run the “Transfer Rate” test and the “CPU usage” test, and tell me

–if the transfer rate curve go higher
than x6 at the end of any Data Dvd-r or +r (and begin at something greater than x2.6)

–if Cpu usage 8x is N/A or there is a value

—and what are your system spec (os, service pack, aspi, firmware)

Thank you for answer, i’d really like to know if i’m alone and want proof of that, not just sentence like “it works for me”

[Additional Note, after edition]
i checked there:

it seems that this dvd reader can read DVD-ROM at x16, and DVD-/+ R at x6 max. What is a DVD-ROM ? is it a pressed dvd such as when i buy a game on dvd on the market ?

Then why is my nec3520 burner able to read DVD-/+R at x16 and not simple dvd reader ? It’s written on spec : x16, it should be that for all Dvds or be written.

Another note, with the rpc1 firmware, when i rip video dvd, it goes to x8 at most then (instead of x2.4/x4 - but then an original video DVD is not a dvd-rom ?)

I’m lost. If i want to read data dvd-r dvd+r, video dvd and any other dvd Fast, what drive should i get ? i could buy another nec i suppose-

I bought the Samsung WriteMaster TS-H552U External DVD R/W +…
It’s Crap dont buy it. the service you “dont” get from Samsung speaks for it’s self. I have the Panasonic dvd-ram disk multi write thats brill…