Samsung DVD Writer takes too long to burn



hi, i just purchased a Samsung DVD writer Sh-W162 L , 16x 16x,

the problem is that when i write normal CDs, i.e CD-R with it, they are burrned in normal time ie. @ 16 x it takes normal time.

but When i try to burn a DVD Disk of 2.7 GB @ 8 X it takes too much long time about 60 + minutes…

I was using it on 256 Ram , Compaq p3 450 MHZ Machine with 80 GB baracuda 7200 RPM harddrive. Most friends of mine told me that it takes around 5 mintues or so to burn a DVD R of 2.7 gigs @ 8x … SO I upgraded to 866 Mhz p3 Compaq Machine. But still its taking one hour and more to burn one DVD R.

p.s by Default Bois mode set to UDMA mode , Which mode is suitable to use? PIO or other modes are also available in bois will it solve the problem?

I triend many of different DVD disks such as of Sony and Akira… Yet still the problem remains same… please help me

Thanks in advance


Moved to the Samsung DVD Burner forum, as this is not a DVD Recorder that sits under the TV. :slight_smile:


You might be able to burn at 4x faster than 8x and UDMA mode is what you want.

And it’s essential that the burner & the HD are not on the same IDE cable as your system couldn’t cope with that.


make sure windows detects it in dma mode, not pio mode. if it’s taking that long, it definitely sounds like a problem with the interface.



yes you are right the data cable of dvd writer should not be shared with hdd.

Thanks Seeker010 truely you found the correct answer!

Oh! thanks a lot brother, really how would i thank you for this info

since one month i have been trying to solve this problem but no one was guiding properly i emailed lot to samsung company but nothing they say only to upgrade my firmware lolz but that wasnt at all…

I changed Disk brandes and so also I changed my pc and upgraged it, Formated my Hardrive with new Fresh OS yet still it used to take 1 hour…

Thanks a lot… It really works now…
I changed from my BIOs Mode of DVD Writer to Ultra DMA and also found that in windows the mode of ide controller was PIO which i changed to DMA … now DVD gets written within 10 minutes @ 8x :slight_smile: kewl!

Millions of thanks… love you! its really nice community here and i will remeber you all in my prayers…



This sounds familiar to me! However… My DVD Writer is NOT on the same cable as my HD. It’s on t he same cable as my DVD ROM. I had a Pioneer Writer before and it burnt a DVD in about 40 minutes on 4X, now I have 16x and it burns in 1h8min all the time!
I’m not sure on how to see if it uses the DMA in the right way… Can anybody help or suggest something else? Thank you very much!

PS: writer gives message “remaining time: 13 mins” when it starts but then it comes to 0:00 and just continues…


A P3 with 450MHz burning DVD at 8x. Jeeez, how should that work correctly?