Samsung dvd writer SH-S162A Locked

I have a Samsung dvd burning SH-S162A. I did a firmware version update for it and it locked up completely. The update was correct that I used. I tried to reset it back to the old firmware version, but no luck with that. I guess I have to buy another burning, because I have found no way to fix the drive. Anyone else know any ideas. I am open for any new ideas.

Thanks Terry

Hi rapptap, welcome to CDF :flower:

I’m moving this to the Samsung Forum, where you may get more help than in the Flash Memory Forum. :slight_smile:

What firmware update have you used and is the drive seen by the BIOS??

Hallo This is Terry: about the looked samsung. I used Samsung SFDNWIN to go from version TS01 to TS02.When I ran the program, it came up with flash command failed. And yes the drive is seen by BIOS and windows xp.

what’s the problem that you are experiencing? can’t access drive? doesn’t recognize media? what happens when you try to flash back?

To Seeker010: The dvd drive is locked. I can’t access it or anything. The drive does not open either. When I updated the dvd drive and I got the failed error, now I have boot showing as the old version.

Seen as what model exactly?

did you try to reflash
it happeded with my TSST-CDRW
but when I reflashed it worked again
P.S> make sure you get the right firmware
TSST drive names are confusing