Samsung DVD WriteMaster TS-H552B firmware disaster


I recently attempted to upgrade the firmware from TS04 to TS07 on my
Samsung DVD Writemaster TS-H552B. Well, everything is fine read wise but now it won’t copy to any CD/DVD media. I run Nero 6.5 OEM and it says the copy was succesfull but when I put the DVD back in there is nothing on it.
I have run CDBurnerXP Pro but the write falls over each time long before the end.
I have tried going back to TS04, reinstalling the DVD, reinstalling Nero and making about 10 beer coasters so far.
I run a 3.4 Pentium 4 with 1 GB ram and a 200GB hard drive.
Everything was working fine prior to the firmware flash. Should have stuck to the tried and true ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ principle.
The drive is under warranty but I really don’t want to spend countless days and nights waiting for a replacement if I can at all help it.
Any suggestions?

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hi there I updated to the new firmware ts07 but the dvd-writer now cannot read or write on cd-r
I put back the ts06 but the same problem happened.
hey take a look here at the disaster:

I’m not liking what I am reading about Samsung’s firmware upgrades.
It appears if the flash goes wrong they duck for cover and blame everything but their firmware.

Cheers :slight_smile:

The gods must be smiling on me.
I flashed from TS07 back to TS06 and now burning works.
I have only tried DVD +r so I am not counting
my chickens just yet.
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