Samsung DVD-VR330

With all this variance of Editing software/hardware out, I was wondering how easy or hard it is to use the Samsung VR-330 Burn to DVD device.
Would it be easier just go buy the Pinnacle Studio 9, or 10,then buy a video capture ( I don’t think that’s included )
A freind of mine purchased this Samsung a few years ago, but never used it. he also bought some DVD/R+ Discs for video and Data. I only had regular DVDR+ discs,but the Samsung mentioned something about DVD-Ram discs? and “Initializing the disc when inserted”?

Ultimately, what I want to do is to take VHS-C Camcorder analog tapes, be able to edit the bad parts out,then burn to the best DVD format as possible,knowing that the film output will be the same as the originally recorded. I have about thirty “C” tapes, but don’t want all of the messed up parts burned to the DVD.

If, I use this device at his house,which is hooked up there… Could I burn as much as I can to a DVD+, then transfer to computer,then edit and then finish burn onto a disc?

Or is this DVD VR330 device a piece of antiquity for the birds?
Thanks! :bow: