Samsung DVD-SR150M Recording Problems

Hi I have a Samsung DVD-SR150M and am having trouble recording. If I record on the AV1 channel I get no picture on the playback even though I
there is a picture on AV1. If I record on the freeview channels I cannot change the recording length or change PDC. Any advice gratefully accepted because I am ready to throw it out!:confused:

I have found a way to trick this unit into changing the recording length of a DVD when recording freeview.

  1. Make a 2minute recording (within the next 5 mins) of an analog channel using the timer record with the quality set to e.g. LP
  2. After it has finished, set up your digital recordings using the EPG, you will see that you have 4hrs of recording time left, allowing you to record upto 4hrs worth of freeview programs