Samsung DVD RW not being detected




I have a CD/DVD reader that has worked like a charm in the past but has randomly stopped working at different times - to the point where it is not detected in the Windows 7 (home premium) device manager and Samsung’s firmware updater and checker can’t find it. :sad:

I believe I have the SH-222AB or something very similar (by checking images of the models at It’s black and says Super WriteMaster and SpeedPlus on the front.

Anyone with ideas?

Thank you!!


Hi and Welcome!

I’d suggest to check the cables carefully and make sure they are properly seated. You may also consider replacing the data cable.

In case the drive is accessible, you want to check device manager or some CD/DVD writing software to find out what drive you have. From the outside, you can’t tell since this design has not changed for years.



Thanks for the repy! The cables seem to be in place. Though the fact that this is an on again/off again problem would suggest it’s the cable?

I actually found a file I made in case this happened again! Hooray for me.

Apparently I have: TSST corp CDDVDW SH-223C ATA Device

Should I try downloading some firmware?




Sata cables can get loose due to vibrations. So you might at least reseat them. Same applies to the power cables. If the drive was part of your computer when you bought it, and if that computer is still covered by warranty, then you might consider claiming your warranty towards the vendor or manufacturer.

Since this is not a firmware related issue, flashing another firmware version might probably not work. If your computer loses the connection to the drive during the flash procedure, the drive is toasted.



Hallelujah! I reseated the data cable and voila! Connection restored.

Thanks so much for the help!! Saved me a needless trip back to the store.



Glad you got it :slight_smile:
Perhaps you’ll think about Sata cables with clamps (example)