Samsung dvd rom TS-H352 20gigabyte disc?



why does my Samsung dvd rom say that a dvd-r that has been written on my bro’s computer say that the disc has a capacity of 20,000 mbytes. I cannot copy this disc because nero 6 says i must insert a disc of at least this capacity in my dvd burner (NEC 8 speed combo)


What are the contents of this disc?

There are some tricks to make a disc appear to hold more data than it actually does.


i got the same problem its 20,389 mb to be exact - driving me crackers ive actually resolved using intervideo dvd copy but thats slow when i reverted back to nero it actually worked …once then came the same old error message that the dvd in the source was 20,389mb .
personally i think that its a conflict between nero disc to disc copy and the cheap and nasty dvd rom hence i’m taking it back in the morrow.
Id be interested where you got to on this prob