SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD-616T not reading DVD-Rs?!

I have written some AVI files(as Data) to a DVD-R with an Artec DVD-RW - just bought.

My DVD-Rom(SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD-616T) - which Nero’s Drive info tool says CAN read DVD-R (& Samsung says it can as well) - isn’t recognizing the media.
If I try to open the DVD contents in Windows Explorer, windows says

"Disk is not formatted

Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows."

Also the name of the drive changes from ‘DVD Drive’ to ‘CD Drive’ when the media is inserted.

I used Nero v6.3.1.15 to burn the media - which CAN be read on my DVD-RW.

DVD-Rom = SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD-616T (Firmware v = F306 - from Samsung site)
DVD-RW = VOM-12E48X (Artec)

DVD media = Datawrite yellow (v2) DVD-R
PS: a CD with the media on CAN be read by both.

Anyone any ideas, please?

Have you tried other DVD media?

One of the three could have caused the problem:

  1. the writer

  2. the media

  3. the reader

Yes, The DVD-ROM will play normal DVDs, CDs, CDRs and CD-RW.
I can open the DVD-R that I burnt on a friends crappy old PC (so not THAT crappy!)with it’s DVD-ROM - that is at least 4 years old.
And the DVD-R will open (& play) on the DVD-RW drive it was burnt on.

The Samsung should play DVD-R (it says so in the specs - & Nero info), but it doesn’t. I also d’loaded the Firmware update from the Samsung site, with no success.

I also bought an LG DVD-ROM GDR-8163B today,

Specs: Compatible Formats Read : DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-ROM, CD-R/RW, CD-ROM Mode 1,2, CD-DA, CD-I FMV, CD-ROM XA, Mixed CD, CD Extra, CD Plus, CD Text, Photo-CD, Video CD

but it said the same thing as the Samsung. So if it is the writer or my system, what is it doing, and how can I change it?

I meant whether you tried other DVD recordable media, not the pressed disks used in commercial DVD titles. If the DVD-ROM drive can’t read good quality DVD recordable disks, get a refund or a replacement drive. It is possible that your DVD writer burned the disk in a way for the Samsung DVD-ROM not to be able to recognized, but for some other drives to be recognized. That’s usually because of media quality or the burning quality rather than the reader drive’s compatibility problems.

I buy only DVD writers and CD/DVD combo drives because they are reasonably cheap these days. (Quite obvious from my signature.)

No, I know that the DVD-Rom doesn’t support DVD+R, so there is no point burning one. Does a DVD-RW drive read DVDs as fast/well as DVD-Roms?

hope it’s not too late. i just came across your posts & i think this will solve your issues. it did mine. i saw a “fix” at website. F310 and it worked on my pc (not a dell pc) w/ windows xp os. try it.