Samsung DVD-ROM not reading DVD's burnt by SONY DVD writer


Last week i bought Sony DRU-170C DVD/RW and its writing DVD’s properly. I burnt avi files as data dvd and some data on moserbayer DVD-R. My sony DVD-RW and LG DVD-ROM reads these DVD’s without any issue.I used Nero 7 premimum for burning. But when i tried to open it on any samsung DVD-ROM or DVD-RW its not reading and not recognising anything. I am very much confused what needs to be done in order to read my DVD’s in office pc. I have not tried any other software to burn. If i need to upgrade my sony drive firmware will it void the drive’s warranty ? Please help me to get a solution for my problem. Thanks in advance.

Jedy :frowning:

Hi and Welcome!

if no Samsung drive available to you could read these discs, then these are not written properly. This might be a media related issue, so try either other media (maybe DVD+R) or see if newer firmware would help. If you use official firmware, then warranty is not void.


Hi michael
Thanks for the info … will try different media and let u know …