Samsung DVD-Ram MR-A02B 1x or 2x?

Hi all

I found something strange :slight_smile:
The MR-A2B is supposed to be a 1x speed (following the specs).
In Nero the only write speed is 1x, ok, normal.
But then in InstantDVD i have the option to write in 1x or 2x and i tested , the drive really writes in 2x succesfully…
Could there be a way to enable Nero to write in 2x also ?
There is a difference between a copy of 60 minutes or 30 minutes.
And i much more prefer Nero to copy my stuff, have been using Nero for ages.


PS If any one is interested , about my previous post problems it was a faulty unit.
This one writes flawlessly.

But did you actually time it yourself to see if it took 30mins.
Some DVDs say they are writing at x2 but take 1 hour… thats x1 writing.

Well i dident time it as such , but it was definetely less then 1 hour.