Samsung DVD-R121 how to?



The question is simple, how I can read movie in mi pc? … previosly rec in my samsung dvd? … Because I put the dvd in my pc and there´s no cd or dvd inside my cd-rom … I know it´s for protection samsung rec … so … somebody knows how to ? … please :doh:


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Your computer drive is only a CD-ROM drive? Then it can’t handle the DVD discs from your recorder at all. You need at least a DVD-ROM drive and proper software for playback of these discs.



Nono sorry … I have dvd-rom … is a liteon dvd-rom and another dvd-rom Combo LG … and both of them don´t read dvd´s … anyone knows if samsung dvd-r121 rec with protection ? … And how to read in my pc ?.. please T_T




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Do i get this straight?

You recorded a movie on your standalone samsung (pvr) recorder and you want to view that movie on the dvd player on your pc.

The trouble is that, if this is a movie recorded from another device (I.E. camcorder), the samsung pvr will data protect the movie.

I don’t know if you can decrypt it by using dvdshrink or something, it depends on the method of writing. Try DVDDecrypter.


Yes uré right … there´s something with protection . .because my dvd-rom can´t read dvd … so … the question is :

Somebody knows where to find a way to make samsung dvd-r121 rec dvd readible by my pc ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Instead of bumping your thread every six freaking hours, did you actually try dvdshrink and/or dvd decrypter??


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For your problem: if you recorded on a DVD-R or DVD-RW format discs then you need to finalise them in the Samsung recorder before any other recorder or PC optical drive will recognise the disc content.


Thank u very much, and excuse me … I’ll go to try it! … :o


Well I can read my Dvd in my dvd-rom … but now … I rename files to mpg or mpeg or avi … and I can see in my movie player, but I can´t edit it! … how I can edit a mpeg 2 file? … it´s my new question xD

Because I´ve tried whith moviemaker, vegas studio, virtualdub… and I can´t…

Somebody know about a tool with this possibility ?? … I mean … edit mpeg 2 …dvd files ^^

Thnx in Advance ^^


There are a couple of freeware tools (Cuttermaran and MPEG2schnitt), but these require the video and audio to be separated before use.

Otherwise there are 1-month free trials of MPEG2 Video Wizard, Ulead DVD Movie Factory or VideoReDo which will operate directly on MPEG2 files, and should give you plenty of time to get used to editing.


Thnx 4 the answer!^^

I´m using a tool called MPGEnc 4 Express … It´s amazing ^^! …

Thank you 4 all guys!, Now I can edit my VHS videos … just in 3 days of searching or 12 hours of experiments and internet :P!

C ya ! ^^