Samsung dvd-r120 and disney VHS movies



Wondering is anyone can assist me in copying my kids aging disney VHS tapes
to DVD before they become unplayable.

We own the tapes, even have all the nice plastic disney cases still, but saddly VHS tapes dont seem to last forever.

Picked up the samsung dvd-r120, it has decent reviews, and was about the limit of my budget.

Now i need a way to get past the macrovision copy protection on the VHS tapes (like 50 or 60 tapes in all)

Ive read some posts about using this or that brand of video enhancer/clairfier
but then there are 5 people posting that it doesnt work for any of the given brands.

I hate to go spend another 70 to 200 dollars for some tiny device that doesnt do what it implies it does.
Ive seen ones like the sema scc-2 godvd, and the dvd red, but one guy will post that it works great, then 5 guys post underneath that it doesnt work at all.

Is any firmware available to get around this?

I dont want to copy DVD’s etc, just make some long lasting backups of some video tapes that will probably be unplayable in another few years.
And disney doesnt seem to like re-releasing this stuff on DVD.

Heck id be happy if they would let you trade in a VHS for a dvd plus shipping or something, but i doubt they are going to do that.


There are several versions of Macrovision protection. The earliest versions put high level spikes in the vertical blanking interval. Because your Automatic Gain Control (AGC) in your VCR is designed to smooth out variances in the level of the input signal, Macrovision used the AGC to add copy protection. By adding a high level spike, the AGC interpreted this as an increase in video level. The AGC is also slow to react, so what you see is the picture dim in brightness. As the picture returns to normal level, another high level spike is introduced. This seesaw action causes your picture to go brighter and darker.

Most video capture cards do not have an AGC (at least my Wintek PVR-TV did not) and I was able to capture the VHS videos on my PC for burning.

Alternately if you have friends in the broadcast business, and they can loan you a time base corrector. …This will strip off all of the sync signal and regenerate a new sync removing v1 and 2 of Macrovision protection.


^ Wow. I never knew how Macrovision worked. It always bugged the heck out of me (now knowing how it worked).

You could also always just do the good ol’ + blockbuster rent-rip-return scheme. :wink:


rent rip and return sounds good to me.


And also is illegal, maybe it would be a good thing if you went back and reread the forum rules.


We offer a box for removing Macrovision and CGMS signals that most DVD recorders otherwise detect and prevent recording of copyright material - called the MACRO-PLUS. We retail it on Ebay, Amazon and our own website (which is the cheapest place to buy it.)

Please be aware that you may not have the right to copy pre-recorded material unless you have permission from the owner or are allowed under the fair use rights granted by local legislation.

For UK customers we can take your order by phone too - 0871 98 99 819.