Samsung DVD r/rw sr-w04b and data redundancy error

Hi there,

I have been getting data redundancy error whenever i burn a dvd-rw with my samsung sr-w04b . First I thought it was the media, i was using princo(1-2X) since there are very cheap , then when i changed to Ritek media, also got the same problem. I also read somewhere here i think that the media princo is famous for the data redundancy error, is this true?

Anybody can tell what does data redundancy error mean?

The problem is whenever i burned a 4.5gb disc, usually 1 file with a size of 600mb-1gb will have the error when i try to open or copy from the disc. The other files are ok, i am always getting this problem. 75% of the files will be ok but one of them will have this redundancy error?

I bought the dvd writer in january 2004 and i just used the driver the shop gave me on the cd. Is there a new driver out?

A friend of mine asked me to try the dvd media made by TDK, will they minimize the data redundancy error?

Appreciate any help to solve the problem? Is there some software to verify the burning process is done propery?

It just troubling to burn a dvd-rw and it takes 30 minutes since my writer can do it 1X and then realized i have this error.

update firmware. get the latest @
also, what program are you using to burn data dvds ? try another program such as deepburner [free] and see if you get the same trouble.

Hi there, i appreciate your feedback.

I went to and foudn a firmware for my samsung writer at the link below

Samsung SR-W04B - 1.61
NEC OEM drive
No RPC-1 firmware yet. To make your drive region free, you can use DVD Region+CSS Free.

but when i click on the link, nothing comes up, is there another website i can get the firmware.

My 2nd question, what precaution should i take when upgrading the firmware as i have not done it before in my life.

"what program are you using to burn data dvds "

I am using nero enterprise edition to burn dvd and i will follow your suggestion and use deepburner.

Is there any other reason besides using bad media?

The main reasons for CRC (cyclic redundancy error) poor burn, poor media, a drive at the end of its burning life.
Princo are considered the cheapest of the cheap and I personally refuse to buy them, Ritek of late have been getting poorer reviews regarding there discs so this could be the cause of your problem. Get yourself some quality media (Tanyo Yuden, MCC, Verbatim to name a few) and try burning a test sample to see if this cures your problem.

thank you foryour feedback. I will buy a more expensive media and see what happens. if i am still getting problems, i will contact you.

Any good dvd burning software i should use?

if i still get crc error after using a more expensive dvd media, should i upgrade my firmware. I found the latest firmware at the link below:

Any precaution i need to take when upgrading my firmware?

Thanks for all the help.

things i do before flashing are > reboot. open drive to be sure no discs are in it. close tray. then be to read and understand any readme or help file that is with the firmware files. each drive maker has their own way of implementing a firmware flash. so i can’t go into specifics for your samsung as i don’t have own one.