Samsung dvd-r and Swisstec dvd-r & dvd+r

Does anyone know the media codes for the above dvdrs?

Really what I’m after is which discs out of those three give the best results?

Samsung DVD-R are probably BeAll. No idea about the Swisstecs. Samsung could also be Prodisc media.

I don’t have the media code of Swisstec cause I throwed them … The quality ( I can say that it hasn’t any quality ) is worse than the Princo … Stay away from them …

Thanks. I told the person I’d take a couple Samsung, thought it was the safer option since I had never heard of Swisstec.

Samsung : Samsung ditiall -R states made in Taiwan - RITEK
2x samsung digitall -R states made in Taiwan -CMC/RITEK
4x (old and rare these days) media +R box states made in Japan - Taiyo Yuden
4x media +/-R box states made in Korea - Beall
4x media +/-R box states made in Taiwan - Optodisc/Prodisc
4x Pleomax named +/-R box states made in taiwan - Optodisc
8x Pleomax named +/-R box states made in taiwan - Optodisc

Note: It seems that Samsung Optodisc’s are of better quality as the optodisc disc’s found in the european cheap brands MMORE and Intenso and EMTEC.

Swisstec - Is a brand of sky. They could have used interaxia,Plasmon,AML or sky’s own codes. However stay away of this media. Since SKY media is really bad according to the forums posts in the german burning community, all tests from german magazines and the few disc’s I have seen personally. (The ones I have seen made Princo look nice !OUCH !!. Some disc’s allready looked problematic befor being actually used.)