Samsung DVD-P181 subtitles

Hello everybody, I am new here and I really need help.

I have a dvd player Samsung DVD-P181 and it works fine for me except one thing and that is while I watch DivX/XviD file and it has subtitles it displays them correctly, but the font is too small.

Is there any way to make them bigger through firmware edit/update? On samsung web site says that there is a update but there is nothing about subtitles.

Keep in mind that the subtitles I am writing about are not the ones in DVD movies but the one that are for DivX/XviD files and are file type like *.sub, *.txt …

Thank you.

Ok men I also had that problem with my Samsung dvd1080p8.Can someone help about this???

Why samsung not put software update were will put option about change of font,color of subtitles???

hi friends

I have like this problem…

and I’m fix by [B](((AVIAddXSubs)))[/B]

check this program at:

thank you…