Samsung dvd-hr738

… this is really quite nice hdd recorder, still few things missing and I wonder is there a modified firmware to enable this functions such as:

  • when connect usb flash drive or usb hdd on usb host, recorder works just fine … any transfers works both ways, but when connect usb host from recorder and usb on home pc, nothing is recognized! … only when connect usb slave then message appear " samsung (still) digital camera", new empty window opened on pc, but no functions copy/paste or browse content on hdd recorder, clearly this is just to transfer photos from camera or such … also, when connect hdd recorder-home pc, theres no way to enable usb option from recorder menu, just when use usb flash drive or usb hdd … as you can see transfering data from home pc to hdd recorder (using usb) is the option I need,

so any help would be appreciate!



samsung dvd-hr738
250gb hdd
composite Input,Audio Input,iLINK DV Input,USB 2.0