Samsung DVD-HR737 does not remember RGB Video Output setting


Samsung DVD-HR737 does not remember RGB Video Output option after standby/on operation. It is always set to Component after standby/on operation. I have connected the recorder to TV via full SCART cable. Other options are remembered ok.

The recorder remembers the RGB setting when I have set the Quick Recording option on. However, the power consumption is higher which is not desirable. It is acceptable as a workaround but not as a final solution.

  1. Is there a firmware upgrade option which correct this?
  2. Could someone test it on another unit to verify if it is general failure or just my recorder problem?
  3. Does anybody know the power consumption in standby mode with Quick Recording on?

Thank you.

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From what I can see, Samsung does not have any firmware updates available for your DVD recorder model. I would recommend calling Samsung about this feature as I cannot see any reason for the video mode to keep reverting especially since there is no mention in the manual about saving settings to retain this.

The wattage rating of your product is 35 watts, which works out at 0.84kWh per 24 hours running at maximum load. Most electronic items run at under half their rating, since the rating on their label is maximum load the appliance may use. For example, this would most likely occur while recording with the drive spinning up the disc (where a motor uses its most power). Assuming your recorder uses 18 watts standby (more likely half this value again), this works out at about 13 kWh units of electricity per month or around 91p running cost (based on 7p/kWh). :wink:

Thank you for reply and for the information. I contacted Samsung support (USA) but they refused me that I should contact local support (although they asked me to call them in our e-mail communication). So I contacted local support which said that the model is not officially sold in my country. This is the big corporation! Unbelievable.

At the end, the local Samsung support escalated this to HQ and promised to provide a correction. I am curious how this will end.

I am also pushing authorized service centers to push Samsung to correct this.

I have obtained firmware which fixes this problem. I got it unofficialy. Samsung support is bad.

I also have problems with my Samsung DVD-HR737…the subtitles is coming early and updates little slow…how did you get your firmware?

I got the firmware by friend’s line (he has a friend…). I’d rather not mention details. I am still expecting official response from Samsung Slovakia. BTW, the recorder is manufactured in Slovakia but the hotline lady said it was not supposed to be sold in Slovakia!

If you are interested in the firmware then contact me via PM or mail.

I don’t know how to find out actual running firmware. When I inserted the CD with the firmware it asked me if I wanted to upgrade the firmware: 060330.01.HR735/EUR -> 060504.01.HR735
note: 735 and 737 are identical (just design difference).
So I suppose the actual one has date 30.3.2006 and the new one 4.5.2006. The new one is not beta. It is final one. I do not understand why it is not available for download on Samsung website.


where i find firmware download?


I’m having the same problem with the player not remembering my settings, specifically the “auto power off” setting, after each power off the settings are default again.
Anyone got a lead on where I can find the firmware update?


Anybody able to help me out with a firmware update? I’m tearing my hair out here…