Samsung DVD HR-753 (Changing Regions)

I have just bought a Samsung DVD HR-753 Recorder. It is 160 gig.
It is my first Dvd Recorder. The Recorder is locked to region 4.
I have been told that you can unlock them to make them Multi Zone or Region Free.
A friend of mine with a different brand recorder succesfully changed his. He got his codes from here.
So i am asking for help with this. Can anyone please give me the codes for this recorder.?
If you have any other helpful information on this player it would be appreciated.
Thank You.

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hope this helps :slight_smile:


hope this helps :)[/QUOTE]

Thanks But I tried that and it does not work:sad:

I still need help with this
I have had 2 other people try to help with this, but to no avail
Please help me …:bow:

Well, I too purchased the samsung DVD-Hr 753, and like you tried the hacks for it at dvdhelp/videohelp, to no avail. But I checked the hacks for the 755 & 756,
and by following same procedure but using 768849 got the region changed to (all regions) after one attempt. Good Luck… No to try and find how to copy scenes off Copy Protected dvds on to the HDD, before burning 'em onto a disc. I need several scenes for a course I’m teaching. Adios.

It worked!!
Thank you very much:iagree:

Can anyone help me…I have a Panasonic DRM-ES15 dvd player/recorder…Can it be set to region free?