Samsung dvd hr 721 hacked firmware: does it exist?



I have bought a samsung dvd hr 721 (dvd recorder with hard disk). I have read on various internet’s forum that the machine has a CPRM copy protection. I have seen on german forum that some program cannot be record if they are broadcast with this protection activated from the network. So i ask to you: do you know if there is a hacked firmware for my machine to override this problem? :bow:

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No one can answer to my question?
I can add that the machine can be transform in a region free player (with remote codes) and that it can play DVD+R and DVD+RW from Verbatim even if Samsung says that it can play only DVD-R and DVD-RW!


Hope this helps anyone:

Samsung Models:

DVD-709,DVD-809,DVD-909,DVD-511,DVD-611,DVD-615,DVD-811,DVD-M105,DVD-M105 E,DVD-M108,DVD-M203,DVD-M204,DVD-M205,DVD-M305,DVD-M405,DVD-P233,DVD-V530

1.Switch on and empty tray.
2.Start the player, by holding down the PLAY and STOP buttons on the player.
3.Set of languages will appear.
4. Release the PLAY and STOP buttons.
5. Select your language.
6. Press REPEAT then the following codes for the required region the player is already set to (region you bought the player in) do not confuse this with the A-B button:
Region 1 - 2, 9, 3, 3, 4
Region 2 - 3, 8, 7, 6, 7
(“E series M105”, M205 and M305 users try: 57538)
Region 3 - 5, 6, 7, 3, 2
Region 4 - 7, 6, 8, 8, 4
Region 5 - 5, 3, 8, 1, 4
Region 6 - 2, 4, 4, 6, 2
7. A code will appear, indicating the region setting of your player.
8. Press 9 for region-free, or 1 for region 1, 2 for region 2, etc.
9. Press OPEN/CLOSE on the Player to open the disc tray. You may need to push the tray shut rather than use the player button, in order for the region not to be changed to 4 (M203).
10. Press STANDBY (POWER) on the remote control to close the tray. Next time the player is turned on it will set to the region specified. If the player halts on the FBI Warnings, press Forward Search x2 or faster.
10.Some models may allow you disabling macrovision


The right and tested and working method to transform my machine ( Samsung DVD HR 721) in a region free player is the following:

This hack works for Region 2 players and it’s the same of Samsung DVD HR 720. Just used it on the player I bought here in Italy:

Power On with empty tray (No Disc will be displayed in the DVD control panel)
Press the Repeat button on your remote control. NB: Do NOT confuse this with the Repeat A-B button (bevare that it seems that nothing happens when you press the Repeat button, but this is normal).
Press the buttons 5, 7, 5, 3, 8 (2 will be displayed very briefly on the top left hand corner of the TV screen).
Press the 9 for multi-region playback (9 will be displayed very briefly on the top left hand corner of the TV screen).
Finished and ready to play all regions.

But my question was another: exist in some part of the world a method to override the CPRM copy protection insert in this samsung machine (and other like dvd hr 720)?
Is there in commerce other standalone dvd recorder with this protection?
In some German forum i have read that some transmission like “The Simpson” aired by some satellite Tv is impossible to copy either on Hard Disk that on DVD -R, because this protection work togheter with the one of the recorder.
Are there other machine with this problem?
Thanks for the help and opinion.


Here some link of german forum that concern the question:

you can try to translate the pages in english with

or another system

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