Samsung DVD drives

Hi All

Has anyone had any experience with the Samsung DVD drives?

Anyone know how good a sub code reader it is?

I can get hold of a new Samsung SD-616F for a very good price although I’d still be hesitant to ge tit if it wasn’t any good at reading sub codes.

Thanks in advance


I have a Samsung SD-616T and it works fine. It can read both data/audio subchannels, but the fast error skip is not supported by CloneCD. I advise you to buy a LG drive instead.

I have both the 612 and 616F drives.

The 612 sucks bigtime, can’t extract subs by any means. The 616F (different to 616T) can extract subs but also doesn’t support FES, which i think is CCD related and not drive related (could be tweaked in a future CCD version).

I would suggest getting a toshiba or a litie, but if the $ difference is big you could get the samsung drive. It is somewhat good as a dvd drive, but dont expect the best subs / DAE extraction.

The latest LG DVD-ROMs (12x and 16x) are terrible. The worst thing is that they only read Verbatim dvd-r(w) or similar, nothing else.