Samsung DVD drive, SD-616E F501

I think this might be a problem with firmware, so I’m going to post this here. if this is the wrong area, i’ll change locale.

my drive doesn’t work, as you can probably imagine due to me posting here, and i’m going insane trying to fix it on my own.

from what i’ve read online, the 616E has problems frequently. i haven’t found anyone with my specific problem, though.

my problem is, when i put in a disc, it whirs really loudly, freezes the computer for a second or two, then tells me to insert a disc. i’ve downloaded the “sfdnwin.exe” program, and the “ODD Firmware LiveUpdate”. the latter tells me that my drive is “not supportable” (says that about my regular CD drive too, but my CD drive works). when i go to the website for a manual install i see "SD-616E DEL F501 It does not support ". i’ve downloaded various F500 .bins, from F501-F509, and none of them work. the “sfdnwin” tells me that they “aren’t compatible with the selected drive”.

if anyone’s had the same problem as me, and has fixed it, i’d appreciate knowing if it is indeed possible to fix. so far it seems like it isn’t.

i should probably note that the problem started when i unplugged the drive to attempt to get daemontools to work.

also, the DVD drive is the master drive, my CD-RW drive is the slave drive.

Try to flash in REAL DOS mode.

Probably you killed the drive…