Samsung dvd 183a recording problem

first unit went for RMA so i got next one.But this is crappy too.As a reader works well but recording function works simply bad. From 3 dvd+rw discs only dates from verbatim can be coppied (but with difficulties-very slowly), from tdk i platinum it is impossible.Before i present some pictures i have mention that recorder is serial ata with firmware sb02 (newest i think).Next important info: info tool shows that recorder works NOT in dma ! I dont know how to enable dma for serial ata because in old ata"s it is simple(i can choose pio or dma mode) but in this example i dont have such a bracket in win xp (even).SO maybe someone can help me how to enable dma?
My config:win xp prof +sp2, asus p5b delux (without wifi),hdd seagata serial ata 320 gb, nv 7900gt,core 2 duo 6400 (not overclocked).

Hdd works as dma driver but dvd recorder not- i oryginally installed windows with other config: with dvd nec recorder on ata and old hdd on ata on j micron controller and this new hdd seagate on serial ata.After 2 months i sold 2 drivers on ata and i bought this samsung on serial ata.Maybe windows has problem with managing devices after such change?

and some scans. In Polish ,po naprawie" means in english ,after RMA" :slight_smile:

HOW can you be sure that the drive is “crap”.

Test it in another computer first, then judge!

yes test it in another pc. chef we keep telling people this but seems no one does it. If people have a drive and get another and it doesn’t work it’s best to try it in another pc.


Nero Infotool always shows DMA=off if an IDE driver from the chipset or mainboard maker is used. Maybe there is also a tool provided that helps you checking DMA mode.

Also, make sure, that the controller your drive is attached to, is not running in RAID or AHCI mode. Best choice would be IDE mode. You’ll have to check your BIOS settings for that.


dvd recorder is connected to intels controller and is running in AHCI.SO this is reason?..